Bi-directional laboratory power supply with energy recovery


With the PSB 9000 series EA Elektro-Automatik has developed a power supply which combines a DC current supply with an energy recovery electronic load in one unit. Thus the energy costs and investments for the otherwise needed conventional or energy recovery load are lowered.


As a power supply the bi-directional equipment can charge and discharge batteries, fuel cells and other energy stores. Hence the unit is furnished with integral functions such as battery test mode, a random generator and a motor vehicle starting curve. In addition the energy consumed in the testing process with the PSB 9000 is collected with low losses and environmentally sound and fed back into the AC net.

As the internal resistance is adjustable, functional characteristics of batteries, fuel cells or photovoltaic modules can be simulated. In this way the EA-PSB 9000 can support the development of motor vehicle, hybrid and rail motors.

Modular and flexible with power up to 15kW

The bi-directional power supply, PSB 9000; is of modular construction: this enables power of up to 15kW with a flexible output stage, e.g. 500V and 90A, in a 3 HE housing. With that we offer a wide range of machines with output voltages of 60V to 1500V and current of 20A to 360A. Additionally, up to 16 units can be connected together to build up a system of up to 240kW.